Wynken, Blynken, and Nod

Chicago: Lincoln Park Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Last weekend, we had our first ever Lincoln Park Zoo scavenger hunt. It allows free admission, has tons of room to play, and plays host to everything from giraffes to African dogs. Our hunt was a mixture of a photo scavenger hunt and a clue scavenger hunt. Overall, the hunt succeeded in creating fun photos for everyone. One team won a basket of goodies because of their tenacious pursuit of photogenic moments.

Below, we are including our clues (and the point values we assigned them) so you can play along next time you go to the zoo. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: make a few extra clues of your own (with their answers) and send them to us. The best ones might even be included in the next official scavenger hunt!

Clues for a Lincoln Park Zoo Scavenger Hunt

  • This tired bird watches over an entrance to the zoo. What is the name of the piece of art? (+2, +1 for naming the artist!)
  • What giant goat adapted to a cold climate? (+2)
  • Ionesco would have enjoyed this exhibit (if his 1959 play is any indication). How much does the single calf usually weigh at birth? (+2) What foundation supported it? (+2)
  • What kind of tree did Richard, Sandra, and Peter Schaefer donate to the zoo? (+20)
  • How large are social groups of red river hogs? (+2)
  • What is the easiest way to identify an Andean Bear? (+2, PHOTO BONUS: take a photo mimicking this identifier in front of the exhibit for an extra 2 points!)
  • What do Blue-Bellied Rollers primarily eat? (+2)
  • How do hissing cockroaches hiss? (+2)
  • Who is Anansi? (+2)
  • Who donated the pygmy hippos statue? (+2, PHOTO BONUS: extra 5 points for the whole team sitting on the hippos!)
  • One ostrich egg has the same volume as how many domestic chicken eggs? (+2)
  • Who made the East Gate Plaza possible? (+2)
  • Which lion’s house animal is so nice they named it twice? (+2)
  • What did Roberta and Don Karper dedicate to the wonderful children who visit the zoo? (+2)
  • Which bird looks like it was shot in the chest? (+2)
  • What is the Latin name for the Patagonian Cavy? (+2)
  • What is the largest species of marsupial? (+2)
Photo Clues for a Lincoln Park Zoo Scavenger Hunt
  • Handlebar mustaches are in! Snap a photo of a bird with one. (5 points)
  • 5 points for a photo of a team member on the carousel. 10 extra points if your whole team rides- photos to prove it!
  • Snap a photo of each team member in front of what would be their evil mascot if they were a super villain. 10 points total, all team members must be photographed!
  • Strike a flamingo pose in front of the flamingos- the more human participants, the merrier (strangers welcome!). 1 point per person in flamingo pose!
  • Snap a shot of a “More birds this way!” sign. (5 points)
  • The apatosaurus is on display in the conservatory. Locate him, photograph him, and earn 10 points.
  • 15 points for a photo of your entire team pretending to be asleep with the statue of Blynken and the other sleepy tykes.
  • 5 points for a photo of a squirrel eating people food
Wynken, Blynken, and Nod

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod are a MUST for any Lincoln Park Zoo scavenger hunt. It is a beautiful monument.

The Lincoln Park Zoo website is a great resource for planning your trip. Check out the “plan your visit” section for hours, location, and directions. If you are looking to work at the zoo, check out their careers page too.

However you get to the city, the Lincoln Park Zoo is a must-see attraction. Send our love to the pygmy hippo!

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  • Mary Hanisch

    Does anyone have the answers to this scavenger hunt? If you could give me them, that would be very appreciated.

  • Maryana Alcocer

    I would also love an answer key we had our camp do the scavenger hunt without realizing there was no answer key.

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