Scrivner Name Generator

NaNoWriMo Podcast Episode 2

The second episode of Ben and Jim’s NaNoWriMo podcast went live late last night and is now available for free download on iTunes. Chris joined this week to discuss his progress during the month too.

The podcast’s tumblr has the animated gifs that came up (and usually a few other writing related thoughts). Follow if you have a Tumblr account.

Scrivner Name Generator

Scrivener Name Generator in the Tools menu

One of the highlights of the episode came from Ben when he mentioned the Name Generator in Scrivener. Jim had just bought the program and was not familiar with the tool. Here is a screenshot on where to find the generator if you already use the same software. After some research into the tool, we can confirm that it has the ability to separate the name generation by origin, usual gender, first/last, and meaning.

 NaNoWriMo Podcast show notes:

Also, the More Known will be releasing writing prompts every Wednesday to help writers challenge themselves with new ideas. This month, all of the writing prompts will focus on National Novel Writing Month. Writing Prompts Wednesdays will continue throughout the year. Forever. Until after forever, maybe.

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