NaNoWriMo Podcast Episode 4

The next episode of Ben and Jim’s NaNoWriMo podcast is active. As always, you can find it on iTunes, their Tumblr page, or by clicking the direct download link. During the month of November, these two get together to discuss everything about National Novel Writing Month.

NaNoWriMo Notebook

Pen and paper? Scrivener makes a huge difference.

In this episode, the guys talk about, Gawker’s Cringe-worthy posts from Nanowrimo and a Tumblr community that exists just to bash the same kinds of content. They talk about haters that are not actually haters and how they approach different types of push-back on their efforts.

Jim talks about how his story has changed from the original direction and Ben wonders about morality on Reddit. The conversation wanders, as usual, into far off places. Movies and storytelling become topics of interest. The idea of consuming content without contributing to a novel first starts to encumber writers. The guys send out a request to hear from a “full-time” working freelance writer for a future episode.

If anyone has a pedometer for writing or wants to join in a future NaNoWriMo podcast, please send it their way. Ben can be found on Twitter or on the NaNo site under the name MistahBen. Jim tweets and can be found on the NaNo site under the name jim.markus. Friend them and follow their word count through the month!

Other important links from the NaNoWriMo podcast, episode four:

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