Write with Lions

Write with Lions is an illustrated book that encourages the re-imagining of classic fables. The print copy is now available on Amazon and at many local bookstores.

Write with Lions Cover Fables are ideal writing companions. Their archetypal characters lack detailed personalities and offer room for creative expansion. Their simple plots preach morals and, because they appeal to such wide audiences, most settings can be altered or omitted without impacting the story. Write with Lions is an illustrated writers resource designed for story-tellers in every medium.

It contains classic fables to inspire new stories, all new games to play with storytellers, and ideation work sheets to organize imaginative worlds.

Write with Lions launches readers into the role of fabulist. Every aspect is designed to inspire the exploration of theme, story, and lateral thinking. Write with Lions is a perfect sMatchbookupplement to any writer’s library. Nicole Meekhof illustrated the book and now despises weasels more than any other animal. Jim created the layout, the content, and watched helplessly as a team of filthy pirates play-tested each of the story-based games in the back.

Write with Lions readers, writers, and story-tellers

The book launched with a Kickstarter campaign funded by people from all over the world. In the future, curmudgeons will use it to prop up desks and tables. Birds will use it for nesting. For now, it is the whetstone for many a writer’s kitchen. Students read copies in classrooms. Teachers use Write with Lions for its games and lesson plans. Writers use it in critique groups to challenge each other and to practice new styles of storytelling.

Nicole Meekhof’s illustrations

Nicole Meekhof illustrated the book with more than thirty unique drawings. Dozens of full sized prints were sold during the pre-launch event during April. She is more known for her work as an independent character-portrait artist and alpaca wrangler. Her portfolio is available on DeviantArt.

About the author

Jim Markus writes. He manages the elaborate wealth of knowledge at MoreKnown Books and co-hosts the seasonal podcast NaNoWriPod. Sometimes, he helps organize intricate, public games as part of a motley band of adventurers. Follow Jim on Twitter.


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